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why the switch intersection between c12 and c13 in the first place? and the loading section there seems to be kinda redundant to me. I would think there would be some drawbacks having CRC network in the line stage.
The switch is there so the path doesn't pass audio while the gain control is switching (This switch section goes open at the same time the other sections do). It intends to reduce pops while switching the gain control. And the loading resistors on both C12 and C13 are there for the same purpose - by keeping those caps grounded, they hoped to reduce popping as those caps get disconnected and reconnected. I haven't encountered this product myself so I can only guess how effective each of these methods was toward reducing switch noise. I would suppose they had a 4-pole switch where a 3-pole would have sufficed, so it was worth a shot to see if this switching scheme improved the popping slightly.

Weary, do you notice a significant pop when you turn the gain switch?