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So what has black lion done to make that 15 year old rack better than everything on the market today? I'm not doubting that they may have been great at some point, but I think most owners have pretty much jumped ship to Quartet, Apollo, etc and there are tons of people on here who have documented their switch.
You can read about it on their site. I hear ya, but I think a lot o those who have done that are doing so for reasons other than sound quality, mostly cuz they're attracted to the shiny new thing, assuming that it's better, but it's not.

This quote from another recent thread says it all:

"I had a 002r that I had BLA do a signature mod on. I bought a new Apollo for the workflow. The 002r sounded better than the stock Apollo. I had BLA mod the Apollo and that improved things to the point where I could live with it. The 002r was still right there with the modded Apollo soundwise. I sold mine for a little under $600."