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Thanks guys. I ended up going with the package I had linked you guys with the Mbox Pro 3, Shure SM7B, and Protools 11.

Only two things I need now is headphones and the monitors. Was really interested in the Yamaha HS8, but I am almost considering getting the Adam A7X monitors. I am just not sure I need these monitors in my small bedroom.


Good choices!

As for monitors, go for quality over loudness. Two smaller monitors and a switchable sub woofer is a great choice when you are starting out and only have one pair of monitors to reference on.

The yamahas aren't bad, but nowhere near top of the line. I know you are on a budget, and have to start somewhere though.

You could do much better AND much worse. Try not to overthink it too much while you are still learning. I'm not too sure about the Zen pro mods on the website. I have no experience with them so I'll keep my mouth shut on that.

Get the Yamaha's, and then save up for a pair of mix cubes. Having a two sets of differently voiced monitors is in some ways better than having one pair of great ones.