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I totally agree with you on the two headphone outs. This is a critical problem on interfaces that the manufacturers use to up-sell. I wasn't aware the Babyface Pro had two headphone outs, that's really cool. Hope you can control the output of them without menu diving with a single knob like the Duet. I much prefer a standalone headphone knob I can just turn. Nice to see the RME get rid of the breakout cable.

You say the Babyface Pro is a great sounding interface; they don't appear to be out yet. Did the manufacturer supply you one?

SM7 is nice, but for my rap vocals I sold it and got a Neumann instead.
I was going on the quality of the original Babyface. Did you record in a vocal booth or an open room next to the monitors and engineer? Either way, an sm7 is an easier mic to record with in a less than stellar room.