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The Duet has 75db of gain, more than most preamps on the market; specifically so it can sufficiently power dynamic and ribbon mics. As someone that has owned a Duet 2 and SM7B; I would say they actually do work great together.
I was just trying to explain that the OP would benefit more from a dedicated outboard pre.

I tried steering him away from the Duet, only because there aren't enough outputs to facilitate tracking with two headphones (unless he buys a monitor controller or headphone distro).

I had a duet for years. The pres are good, but not at the level of a dedicated outboard pre.

Remember, the OP is working within a budget. There will be compromises. Because of this, i tried steering him in the direction of tools that he won't outgrow. Budget interfaces have improved dramatically over the last few years. I'd rather he get something with more i/o and options at the cost of a marginal quality difference

The baby face pro is a great sounding interface. Costs 100 more but then he wouldn't need a separate box to track with. That saves him money and there is less of a chance he will outgrow it.

As for the mic, the sm7 is a tool that any studio can benefit from. Hell yeah, a Manley condenser sounds great in a treated booth. OP doesn't have that.

Big detailed condensers are a pain to work with if you are tracking in the CR. more hassle than they are worth, especially for someone just starting out. OP can upgrade as his needs permit.