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You can download reaper yourself, and buy it for the region of $50...

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I do want to buy/test out the Michael Joly Hulk 990 and also the SM7B, but with the SM7B i am a little worried about having to buy a preamp that has enough gain to support it.

I know when I started this post I was looking to spend 7k+, but now I am looking at maybe half of that cost. One reason is because you guys are right I really don't know much about mixing/recording and I don't have enough money to just throw and spend easily over 10k!

So I definitely think going the cheaper route ($3,000-$4,000) and sharpening my skills is a lot better to do than chuckin out $8,000 for something I have no idea how to use YET!

Also one of my concerns buying into the monitors/interfaces that are modded is it kills the stock warranty. Not saying I am going to break my equipment, but it is nice to know you have some warranty and yes I see that the modded monitors/interface usually come with a 1 year warranty. With the Yamaha HS8 Zen pro mod is it highly recommended to get a sub?

I do hip hop and strictly hip hop. This mini-studio I am building is mainly for me to record myself and get better at recording/mixing. I have some decent knowledge with protools just from recording in the our studio booth and also recording my friends.

For interfaces I like the digi 002 Black Lion Mod, I like the Mbox that comes with Protools (that is a steal!), I also like the Apogee duet (mainly because it comes with the Waves Plugins). I really dislike the stock plugins in protools (or maybe I just have gotten good with them, but i've tried a few Waves plugins and they seem legit. My friend also has Reaper that he can give to me and he has a ton of great plugins as well. I'm just not sure I want to switch to Reaper when I was just getting the hang of protools.

What do you guys think I should do? I've narrowed down the microphones to SM7b, Electro R20, and the Michael Joly Hulk 990. I am leaning towards the 990 so far, but I have yet to test them out. For interfaces I am still not sure which one is the best for me and also which deal is the best.