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Is Pro Tools seriously $900 is this day and this environment? **** em... Seriously it may be worth learning another piece of software at that point if you not making money off Pro Tools. $900 is not competitive with the hobbyist market.

I don't use a "cheap" host by any means. I'm a Cubase person and it isn't cheap. The upgrades are costly, not that you actually have to upgrade, I just do. I've been familiar with Logic, Sonar, and Studio One as well. All hosts priced to sell and get the job done very well.

You may want to save some money and put more cash into your PC. With the newer 6 and 8 core desktop processors, they go a long way as far as processing power. Intel should have some new chips out in a month or so too.

Also, if you PC is blue screening, it may be time for a fresh install. I know it won't solve the 64 bit issue but it will keep you working.
I've actually replaced the entire motherboard, processor, case before. Some of the elements are from the original build dating back to 2006. I'm looking at the 6 core now but like you say Intel will come out with a new one and the motherboard companies will already be in step. Gonna take some saving. I'll probably be making a new wishlist on Newegg. Fresh install would be hard because I no longer have the operating system disc. Also I really don't feel like doing that right now because I need this computer for my business. I'm not worried about learning curves either because I record in a simple way. If I don't like a take I redo it I tend to not build composite tracks. Learning is all intuitive for me.