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Old 5th July 2015
Here for the gear

Control 24 PSU

In case someone comes across the same switching power supply failure that I experienced recently after a main AC problem, here's a possible solution.
I removed the blown T5A fuse soldered on the circuit board and from there ran two wires to a standard fuse holder on the back of the PSU rear pannel, which implied drilling through two sheets of metal near the on-off switch. When I turned the board back on, the new fuse blew instantly.
Then I found some info about checking the PSU FET transistor, which turned out to be kinda loosely bolted onto its radiator (with no heatsink coumpound), meaning it had probably heated up badly, making it more likely to die when stressed. I replaced it (8€) and the board came back to life ! The specs at RadioSpare are SPW20N60S5, Canal-N, 20A, 600V, A-247.
Therefore, I strongly suggest to working Control 24 owners to open the PSU pannel and crank the **** out of all the bolts holding heating componants to their radiators, and if possible add heatsink coumpound everywhere !

Also know that I asked Skynet for the schematic of the PSU but they refused to send it to me as their hands are contractually tied by Avid...