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Old 3rd July 2015
I first learned about the sonic problems of BC transistors from Tonmeister Andrew Lipinsky. Back in the 1990's I modified a Beyer 740 condenser mic for him. I used quality jfets and caps, but left the BC bipolar transistors in place. Andrew said the mic opened up but now had some 'fizzies' in the top end he didn't like.

He sent it back and after a PITA rework, I replaced the bipolar BC5xx transistors (mostly Philips) with Hitachi and Toshiba low noise discretes. The hiss was slightly reduced but more importantly, the 'fizzies' all went away. That mic sounds beautiful now. BC parts are replaced here on Studer consoles and tape machines as well, it does help.

BTW, that Ramsa uses a bipolar power supply, + - 15 volts.