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Old 2nd July 2015
Here for the gear

Thanks for all your help guys!

So now I kind of have my mind set on getting the Hulk Microphone or trying out the Sm7b by Shure. I hear a lot of great things about that microphone and it is a wholllleeeee lot cheaper than the U87.

If I go with the SM7b what would you recommend me getting as far as an interface and would I need a preamp.

To answer your question @ natpub I am a little confused on the whole interface and preamp. At our current studio we have an all in one Focusrite which works out okay, but I'd like to upgrade to get better sound quality.
With the SM7b what else would I need to get this going?

My new updated equipment list:
Microphone: SM7B
Acoustic treatment: GIK
Speakers: Zen Pro Audio modded Yamaha HS8

Things I am still unsure about:
Headphones (not too worried about this)
Audio inteface