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The hardware - A-to-D converters, processors, mainboard, circuitry and D-to-A converters are exactly the same in the D/SE and the D/SX - only the EPROM with the processing algorithms is differnt (and the front panel).

The studio-intended algorithms exclusive to the D/SE will sound better than the guitar-intended ones in the D/SX, primarily in the reverb area. And there are some cool algorithms in the SE that aren't in the SX. There used to be a list on Eventide's web site, I don't see it there anymore but there are programming guides for them at


So the D/SX is more of a "guitar" oriented box. Thanks, that helps me a little.

I'll probably still try to get my hands on a D/SE as well. Would be nice to have both boxes, each one on a seperate aux on my console.