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Hi, so I got this thing on a whim, because I think it looks cool, built into a little suitcase. I've seen Ramsa schematics before and they are all pretty much the same, but this one is a bit different, so i thought I'd share and ask if anyone (Jim W, Matt S, et al) if there is any merit to swapping the 4 transistors on the input (2SC2557TU) for something new. I'm already going to put in some LME49720 for the 4560, but I can't find any datasheet on the transistors, so I figured maybe someone here would know.

BC547CBU will work. I would buy a few extras to make sure they match. BTW most semiconductor mic preamps are like this one in one shape or form.
BTW I would change c1,c2 and c20 to47uf since your going that far

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