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Lexicon M/L300 - Everyone Has Different Tastes etc?

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I appreciate the input, I had it hooked up properly and went through each bank and preset, as you have said its really all in what you hear and like. Basically I felt that the presets needed to be adjusted, sounded just too wet so I'm getting rid of it. I bought the Altiverb 7 and honestly? This thing has it all.
Just wow, I find that really interesting as... Obviously those IR's in Altiverb you are hearing are now at a point where there are so many Filtered, delayed and equalised processes involved with just making a Simple Impulse Response (I.E Gunshot IR of Church or Rich Plate in M/L300 or Shimmer in an H3000) akin to any type of Algorithmic Reverberation is near astonishing! Altiverb to me in 2015 has so much scope that to seriously call all of those "Parameters" in the Plug In....."Impulse Responses" and just very basic ones at near an actual psychoacoustic process (Such as Transient Designer or Elysia Nvelope) alongside additional pre-delay, Post delay, Microphone placement, and depth, density, Far and Near placement of Quad Filtering Networks etc.....that in all honesty Altiverb is near as algorithmic as a Lexicon M/L300 Random Hall or Ambiance Reverb!

I personally feel that as the M/L300 is a Reverb/Effects Processor with so many variable options it does and can overwhelm people. I would think the LARC is actually a barrier for you as you just can't program away as you can say on a PCM-70 or 80/81/90/91 etc. This is why I favour the Prime Time MKII and PCM41/42 Delays as they are physical in touch and give instant user results with an Almost Tactile movement between parameter and Hand, that brings instant feedback, judgement, and.......most of all satisfaction in either that sounds right or wrong!

LARCS are not exactly dying totally and Mr. Kulka from Studio Electronics is making a new AMS inspired S-DMX-1580/S & RMX-16 Remote so there is some hope should all Larcs actually die! Though I agree, that you either use a LARC or Front Panel. Just Adjusting the Room Size, Ganged Parameters and RT/Decay and Spin/Wander times can do wonders to create a Reverb, delay or Flanger that is custom and 100% yours. Though who knows you're music making situation.......I mean if you're making Trip Hop and Berlin Dance then obviously you will want and require certain H3000 and PCM80/81 Sounds to get into that vibe, on the other hand if you are Recording Classical Folk or Symphonic and Chamber stuff, the Random Ambience Algo and it's Studio A and B rooms get not much Better......thrown in some Rich Plate and you have a Choral of Vocals in a Church? Ultimately it's up to you, though the LARC is the least of your problems, as I feel this is a READ THE MANUAL scenario and it's all too hard! - That's fine as well, not everyone is predisposed to sitting up late at night and working thru manuals with Audio gear. Some Musicians just want to DIG INTO the MUSIC ........and they want to do that NOW! To me this sounds like you! In that case.........?

Try Some Audio Software like:

Valhalla VVV, and the other programs
Relab LX480
Exponential etc.

Those 4 Alone might just do with the Soundtoys Bundle for Delays and FX all you've ever needed and/or wanted! If you're going to dump the M/L300 and Larc....Please send me a PM with you're asking price and I might be interested! Whatever the case.....Good luck, at least you had a go - though it just goes to prove, just because 80% of people feel a Compressor or Mic pre or Reverb is great does not Necessarily mean You Will.......Often you need to find you're own groove! Though it would indeed be sad to have bought an M/L300 Reverb /Effects System and NOT given it a red hot go when you had the chance! Maybe come back to the reverb in 2 weeks - a month even? You'd be amazed at just how quickly you can end up re-buying what you felt you didn't need or want in January, as in April.......It's the only Mojo Happening!

Regards and Good Luck!