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Lexicon 300L

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Are you sure you've got the uni plugged in correctly? And what Algo's or Patches are you using and what or where do you perceive the L300's huge problems to be?

Does it sound thin? Or.....You just don't like the sound are you using it, with DAW interface, Console, Summing....I mean if you can expand on that, I might be able to help you get the L/300 up and running, though if you want a 300 to sound like a PCM bundle which is a PCM-92/96 I'm afraid they are Totally different Algorithms etc. Are you sure you've done the RTFM ordeal and then gone through the LARC......etc? Are you in Cascade mode or Split or Single Algo mode etc? Maybe you're stuck in PONS dither or some program....seriously, do reply so we can help you out!

I appreciate the input, I had it hooked up properly and went through each bank and preset, as you have said its really all in what you hear and like. Basically I felt that the presets needed to be adjusted, sounded just too wet so I'm getting rid of it. I bought the Altiverb 7 and honestly? This thing has it all.