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Thanks DomiBabi!

So you recommend putting a Electrovoice RE-20/SM7B into a Lynx Hilo. It doesn't seem right putting a $300-500 microphone into the $2500 Lynx Hilo?

I am definitely going to do some room treatment with the GIK and other well known absorption products. Having smaller monitors would definitely be a plus since I am looking to do this in my bedroom.

Anyone who tells you that there is a problem with using gear from different price ranges together is a fool (and probably a stuck up @sshole).

Use the right tool for the job. Sometimes the most expensive gear is just not the right tool. I have a $5k compressor that just SUCKS for some types of material...

I sometimes do these on location workshops, where I teach kids to record (I went to college to be a teacher). Some of the places I'm sent are untreated/no booth, and a condenser mic would make my life hell. Broadcast mics are designed to have great off-axis rejection and be very directional... That's why practically all radio stations use them.... even the really big budget ones. When you hear Howard Stern, Funk Flex, etc...

You will be recording ITB. Getting stuff "in" correctly and hearing back what comes "out" clearly is going to be your biggest priority. Once you have that settled, it's all practice and preference...