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Stay away from "Foam" room treatment and do it right. Start off with 703/705 fiberglass wall treatment as needed. Then treat the corners with some nice (not foam) bass traps. A properly treated room brings out the best in your microphone choice and other equipment. A great mic going through a great preamp in an untreated room is going to sound like crap since that mic will pick up everything that is wrong with the room.

As far as DAWS go, use what works best for your way of working. I love Pro Tools some people don't, but I am not going to stop using it just because other people don't like it.

Mics, try out as many as you can and see which works best for you. If it just so happens to be expensive, then that's just the nature of the beast. Same goes for if it's not expensive. I put on blinders when people say not to get a particular mic. It's not their room, budget, or vox.

Headphones, again, lots of choices out there. For Mixing, I use HD650's.

Preamps- Lot's of nice ones out there. Again, try out as many as you can and decide that way. The same goes for Monitors and Interface. GS has a lot of hype. If you want to be disappointed, make your purchases based on the hype.

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