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1st thing is the room. It doesn't have to be perfect, just OK. You can make a room better just by putting furniture in it, esp. big soft things (sofa, bed, etc). Think about how any room sounds when you empty it to paint? If it is bright and slappy put up some drapes/wall hangings. It will have bass problems, even if you can't hear them. absorption helps. You can buy a prefab kit, or go down to Home Depot etc. and order some rockwool. Comes in 15 inches by 4 foot pieces. Buy some material to wrap it in and sew it up (still waiting for my daughter to do that, tho). Then get some burlap bags (coffee houses that roast their own will sell them/give them to you. That gives you something else to wrap them in to hang them from the corners etc. Voilá, 5 efficient bass traps for sub $100.
Furniture will help but there are too many problems that are likely to be left over to rely on just that. The rock wool option is good, or Owens Corning 703. Just make sure you run it from floor to ceiling and use at least 4 inches thick. 703 will be much easier to do this with than the rock wool, and will be more portable. The cleaner solution is just buy the kit from GIK but you can make your own for less, no question. Talking to GIK is a good start.