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As has been mentioned a number of times already, do not do studio foam. It's just not going to pull it off. That said, it seems GIK and Real Traps keep coming up as alternates. I'll throw another in the mix, ATS Acoustics has treated me very well. They are less expensive, that said, they are not membrane type absorbers. They are fairly simple, but nicely built Rockwool absorbers. I have two of their corner bass traps (low freq range) and 8 of their 2'x4'x4" traps and they do an excellent job for a reasonable price ($1k). They're piled in a corner to keep reflections out of the live end of the mic. Behind the mic is a Realtraps PVB, and some HEAVY sheets hung over the remaining walls to knock down the flutter. Anyhow, pleased as pie with ATS, and hope to give them more business in the future. Realtraps was also great to deal with. The PVB is excellent, but their prices put a room treatment out of my reach.