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Old 30th June 2015
Here for the gear

Antelope Pure 2 vs Cranesong Hedd

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a high quality AD/DA for two main purposes:
-to go from the output of a summing mixer
-to track overdubs.

We currently have an Avid HD I/O in one room and a Symphony I/O in a different room.

So I have a few questions:

-Anyone had a chance to A/B these two units yet?
-Will the Antelope or Hedd offer a significant improvement over either the Avid or Symphony to print the output of the summing box? I know this is subjective and all, but I'm curious if anyone has specific experiences.
-The Hedd has the digital processing "analog emulation" options.... how do these stack up with all the current options by UAD, Waves, etc? Is it worth the price difference on this alone, or is the conversion just superior?

I'm leaning towards the Antelope, as it has Word Clock options, and less expensive and has monitor control (although I don't need it now, it could provide useful in the future). But I've heard excellent comments about the Hedd.