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Old 30th June 2015
Here for the gear

Thank you all for your help! I do appreciate it.

I am going to look into some of the products you have recommended and go from there.

I know room treatment is a huge part of recording, but do you think I really need the kit from GIK? Could I get a few pieces and also get the shield for the microphone?

I am going to look into the Manley and will ultimately test it out. I'd like to try everything out before purchasing, but renting seems so expensive! I will see if there are any high quality studios in my area.

The Event Opal monitors look nice, but to be honest I wasn't looking to spend $1500 on speakers. Is there another solution that is about half the cost?

I really like Pro Tools and I am comfortable using it. Otherwise I'd definitely try Reaper.

Let me know what you guys think! I am definitely open to other options for microphones, preamps, and audio interface.

I am kind of a noob when it comes to equipment, but are preamps always needed? At the studio we have now we just have the microphone going into the Focusrite which I guess is a preamp/audio interface all in one?