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If you are just doing vocals, you don't need more than an Apogee Duet, or MBox Pro for a bit more, and it's quite good. Do you already have Protools? If not, the Mbox Pro comes with it. Make sure you get it bundled with the full version rather than the express version.

I actually prefer the Hulk to the U87 though ultimately I am partial to good tube mics. I would buy the Hulk and see how it suits your voice and go up from there, though you have to spend heavily to get much better. Maybe go to a studio sometime that has a serious classic mic collection and see what suits your voice best from the U47, U67, M49, C12, ELA M251 range and then get something modeled after what works from FLEA, Telefunken, Pearlman, Bock, Wunder, or the like in the $3-5k range.

You might then do the same for preamp flavors, and compressors as well, though you can always track uncompressed and deal with it after with good plugins. If you want a channel strip with compressor and EQ built in, you might want to check out RETRO, or the Manley Voxbox. If you want to just invest in the preamp first, for tubes try a Manley Dual Mono pre or Chandler REDD .47 for something more assertive, or for solid state a Shadow Hills Gama, or Aurora GTQ2 for the NEVE 1073 thing with EQ, but better. The Mbox pres and converters are quite good n clean so maybe focus on the mic first and then compare your pre options with the stock pres.

The thing about foam is that it doesn't work very well. You are much better off getting something from GIK or Real Traps. It will be MUCH more effective and just as portable. Curtains do next to nothing, only effecting the highest frequencies. Trust me on this... or don't. Ask around and you'll find anyone who knows will say the same.

Your MBP should be fine. The Sapphire and Rokits are not great, as I'm sure you know. The HS8 will be much more reliable for mixing. The Denon AH-D2000 are the best value and the most accurate affordable headphones. They can be used for tracking since they are closed back, are extremely comfortable, and easy to drive. They have been discontinued so you have to go used, or new old stock on eBay...

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