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San Ho huh? Figures those satanic brogrammers in their maggot existence would complain. Maybe they are afraid of rap music? I hear it is often made by Afro-American people saying things like "Beat a police outa shape and when I'm finished, bring the yellow tape" scary stuff - no wonder... If you want I'll come down and nail a headless live chicken to their front door at 3:00 am - that usually works.

re: gear - I am not sure why the Avalon is so highly esteemed by the rap peeps, I am guessing it is because it looks like it belongs with Hennesey and playas and bein' up in the club cos you paid an sheet, but what do I know, maybe it is the sound that works for the style. I think there may be many alternatives that are as good or better for you that would cost less. I don't know what the go-to for rapping is but I'd try on the rap forum and see what they recommend that ISN'T an Avalon... just to see. Then go demo stuff.

U87 is certainly a standby and rarely a bad choice but that doesn't mean its the best choice for you. There are plenty of places you can demo mics and find whats the best for you - probably the advice most experienced people would give. A nice high quality dynamic can be surprisingly perfect with the right voice.

Leos, Cutting Edge, Audio Images all were good people last time I checked and are happy to help people get the sound that's right for them.

also: God bless you for being in San Ho and trying to make some sort of art rather than assisting in the wholesale destruction of art as we know it - the main raison d'etre for all your neighbors as far as I can tell. Let me know if you need help with the chicken.