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Old 30th June 2015
Here for the gear

Thank you!

I won't be recording more than two tracks at a time. I usually purchase my hip hop instrumental beats and also have a couple friends that make them as well. So, mostly it will be the instrumental loaded into Pro Tools and then recording the vocals. I don't plan on doing any real instrument at this time, but that's also why I want to make this kind of like a mobile studio that isn't too hard to take down and put up somewhere else.

I will definitely look into the Michael Joy Hulk, but as far as budget I'd like to stay around $8,000 max for now. This is something I could continuously put money into over time. With the budget being said what do you think?

Our setup at our studio right now isn't very expensive, but I'd like to upgrade equipment to something of higher quality - we have a mic that is around $300 and a focus rite sapphire pro interface, we use my friends identical macbook pro and use Rockit speakers ($400 total)

RAM on MB is 8GB 1600 Mhz, Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5.

I know room treatment is a large part of making a great recording, but I am not really trying to build a little closet studio. I think some good foam, microphone shield and possibly some drapes/curtains.

Thanks again!