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Old 29th June 2015
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Hey there,

I got a problem with my 18i20(at least I think it is a prob with the interface)

I did some vocal recordings with this chain: TAB Funkenwerk UM 17 --> Electrodyne 501 --> Scarlett 18i20 --> DAW

We did some very loud, as well as some tender vocals and no matter what, I always had to raise the gain level to almost max at the pre and at the interface to get a signal o.O
Even then it was very very quiet but noisy, due to the high levels I had to push the gear...
I also tried to use the onboard pre to compare it, but it was also very quiet. I hardly saw the peaks in the daw.

What's going on there? Something feels not right. I already did some vocal recordings with an ISA 2, this was quite similar but the ISA had enough gain to make it up.