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dialog is king. so if u have a music background , lower it and even more if it has sung parts. but at the end u have to think like if u where the consumer watching tv or listning radio. its your 1st thought that counts, which is the same 1st thought that TV viewers will get/have.
you always have to hear dialog nice and clear, no matter whats behind. u hear on TV ads that have rage against the machine really low and the VO really loud.
Clients freak out if their message is not coming through loud and clear.
One thing that works for me and especially if there is any voice in the music or in the case of the OP, "speech", is to boost the presence range (male near 3k female near 4k) then gently carve out that freq in the music or whatever is under. You can then get away with a louder music bed that does not compete with the VO. But placement of the VO musically is what is one of the most important factors IMVHO.