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Why not just turn LLM off, and put your Hardware Buffer at 64.

Pulled this from a link in another thread

If your HWB is 64, and you're monitoring through headphones, then the latency is the same as if you were monitoring a zero-latency mix through speakers and sitting with your ears 7 to 9 feet from the speaker cones. If you're monitoring through speakers, and sitting 3' away, HWB=64 increases latency to the equivalent of sitting 10-12' away. 7-12 feet is a pretty typical distance for musicians to sit from speakers in a control room. It's closer than they might be to each other on a large stage. It's much closer than the most distant members of a symphony orchestra are from each other.
I track straight into the 002 all the time, with verbs and such for singers and have never had issues with myself or clients regarding latency.