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Budget?, Size preference/limitations?

Models with great performance to cost ratios:

1. Audioengine A5+ Sound very musical, and are also available in a beautiful natural bamboo finish if looks are important.

2. Mackie CR4
Probably currently the "best bang for the buck" winner, as long as you don't mind the juvenile, bright-green paint trim.

3. Mackie CR3 (if desktop space and your budget is tight)

4. JBL LSR305 (if you have some room for "larger" "real" monitors, and can position the monitors 3 or 4 ft. from your listening location.

The CR4's and the LSR305s are both impressive sounding even without a sub.

The little CR3s sound better, play louder, and cost a lot less than than the Audioengine A2+, so the A2+ is not on my list.

If you really don't want to spend much, and don't need to listen at rock-concert levels, the Logitech Z130s always receive good reviews, and are really inexpensive.

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