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mix with a good multiband compressor and an L2 in the output mix buss. that was the setup where i used to work doing TV and radio Ads for sears, MCds Citibank etc.
set up the limit to 1db or so below the limit. if its TV and its -8db, go for -9db.

make it sound loud and THEN check the mix on crappy speakers. generic computer speakers might to do the work.

not much too it really just make it sound as it does in radio and TV. sounds silly i know, but if u come from a musical engineering background then youll be all like "maybe an avalon pre will make it sound more transparent , and blablabla" which of course matters in its element but in Ad post and TV is just to make it work . so if it sounds clear and loud, great.. ship it! if u think it needs a Desseser, then it needs a deseer... ship it, the client needs it yesterday! always of course, dialog is king. so if u have a music background , lower it and even more if it has sung parts. but at the end u have to think like if u where the consumer watching tv or listning radio. its your 1st thought that counts, which is the same 1st thought that TV viewers will get/have.
you always have to hear dialog nice and clear, no matter whats behind. u hear on TV ads that have rage against the machine really low and the VO really loud. and u you know the agency spent like 80 grand for that license. what a waste.

we recorded with a neuman tl103 and focusrite red pre stright to PT.