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Here for the gear
Scarlett 18i8

... I REALLY have not HAD to learn much on the intense side about even MIDI ... so I try to not get too stressed over this all because after all, I chose to stock a good home studio (all hardware synth-based), and I do this to help with PTSD and Anxiety ... and there's often times that even Reaper makes me want to tear my eyes out ... but ... the official Reaper forum has outstanding and helpful people there (again, unlike Pro Tools), and Reaper is pretty powerful, and it has many tutorials on YT as well as on the Groove3 site shared with you.

Good luck to you and above all, enjoy the process! (no "better half", so no personal bartender...I am envious...LOL)
Thanks. I'm still banging away at all this. And I hear ya ... having a 'better half' is great! Having a 'better half' who used to be a bar tender ... well, as they say, that's about as good as it gets.

I tried Reaper and got the same result with it that I got with Pro Tools, although it was a LOT easier to configure and get working. I suspect at least part of the reason it was so easier (for me) was due to my experience with Pro Tools. I think Pro Tools would prepare anyone for ANYTHING!

Since I already have a pretty good handle on at least some of what Pro Tools has to offer, I'm hoping that the BIG, THICK book (over 650 pages!) on learning Pro Tools 10 I just got from Amazon will make a difference. I'm missing something very basic, in terms of MIDI configuration, and I'm hoping the book will fill in the gaps. From what I've read already, I have a LONG way to go. Being a truly stubborn, old fart though should help, and I WILL (eventually) figure it all out.

The other book I ordered (the 'Practical Recording Techniques' book I mentioned in a previous post) is REALLY excellent, and after discovering that the +48 volt 'phantom' switch on my Scarlett 18i8 effects BOTH channels 3 and 4, I've already reconfigured most of my digital interface (cabling). The +48 volt switch is not selectable for channels 3 and 4 (independently). Only channels 1 and 2 are independently selectable (for +48 volts or NOT).

The two tube preamp outputs are now connected to 'Line Inputs' 4 and 5, which frees up channels 1 and 2 for use with the AKG Perception 420 mic (which DOES require +48 volts) and the Shure SM-57 mic (which does NOT require +48 volts). If I need or get another dynamic mic that requires +48 volts, I've now got that covered as well. At least the hardware part of all this is relatively simple.

So, I can now (easily) record both the processed (synth) and unprocessed (raw) outputs of my Godin ACS-SA guitar/Roland GR-33 guitar synth (at line level voltages via the tube preamp outputs), AND the sound (via mics) of my two Fender amps, as well as my ancient (early 50's) Danelectro tube amp (also via mic), in addition to one of my blues harp mics AND a Yamaha keyboard. From my perspective, that's ALMOST as good as it gets.

The one missing link in all this is the MIDI controller/instrument interface and getting that to work properly. Hopefully the 'big book' on Pro Tools 10 will help me solve that problem. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, thanks again for all your input, suggestions and feedback. It is greatly appreciated. I agree with you that all this stuff is VERY therapeutic and is vastly more distracting than just about anything else ... other than fly fishing. But, that's a whole other hobby.