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Old 6th February 2007
Let me guess:

-- you want to put something like a reverb on a live track for headphone feed, something where the effect being delayed by 5 or 10 ms is no big deal but having the actual singer or guitarist delayed is unacceptable past the near zero latency monitoring offered by the 002?

I dunno because I'm not an 002 guy but it took me a few moments to understand the question. But consider this a vamp until the 002 folks show up... heh (And, actually, I believe this will work.)

I use (the somewhat parallel device) the MOTU 828mkII which also offers an onboard near zero latency mode.

On the MOTU, the NZL monitoring is engaged on the harward unit and the through-the-box monitoring with its way-not-near-zero latency (about 8 ms at 44.1 with 128 buffers) is controlled from my DAW software (in the input channel -- more or less where it is on PT LE, IIRC).

So to do what I think you want to do I would set up the "dry" sound in the "DSP CueMix" (near zero latency onboard digital mixer on the MOTU) and...

... oh yeah... then I'd insert the 'verb (echo, whatever) in the chosen input channel of my DAW, ENABLE input/source monitoring for that track and then set the reverb's output to EFFECT ONLY.

I was thinking (we do all know that's dangerous, yeah?) that the 002/PT LE relationship was similar -- but hopefully I've typed for so long someone who actually knows WTF they're talking about has shown up...

Good luck! heh