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Old Tools, did you have any experience with the original Apollo? I'd love to hear your impressions when comparing it to the 8p, especially the new converters. The original converters seem good until you try separate conversion, and the slightly nasty midrange push and edge go away.
I have an original Apollo (the new one was a friend's). We were at his place, so no side-by-side comparison. I thought it sounded great, but then, I don't hear any nasty midrange with mine.

I'll see if we have time to do a comparison the next time we get together, but time is short and it's usually about recording music, not comparing gear. Sure was nice to have the 8 mic pre's!

Originally Posted by Fleaman
MKII version 1073's? Or just the legacy versions?
What sample rate were you using?
I don't think there is a MKII 1073 - We used the Unison 1073, the grey LA-2A (the new one), the Fairchild (collection), and the EMT140. We were at 44.1.

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