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Old 23rd June 2015
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First rule - Compression should not be used as a norm. Use it only if it benefitz the situation. Louder is not a benefit . It should musically contribute.
Secondly , to find out if the compressor actually improved the sound, adjust the makeup gain knob to match the same perceived loudness as the uncompressed signal. Sometimes you will find that the compression made things worse.
Thirdly, to cut the peaks , use short release times , high ratio. Set threshold so that the compressor should act only sometimes during the highest peaks.
For glueing things together, long release, small ratio , lower threshold so that the compressor is mostly active.
Fourth rule- first try manually cutting levels in the track before resorting to compression.
Fifth rule - if you cant hear it you cant learn it. So get a good monitor and a treated room.
Thats all