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@ OlderFart -

Thanks for your service as well. I am a very visual thinker and learner, so with highly technical things, I do not fair so well by only reading books or technical manuals for a DAW, but for any hardware synth, I do okay with that.
Because of so many years in military, and basically playing when I could in cover bands over the years from early 80's to not to long ago, I REALLY have not HAD to learn much on the intense side about even I try to not get too stressed over this all because after all, I chose to stock a good home studio (all hardware synth-based), and I do this to help with PTSD and Anxiety...and there's often times that even Reaper makes me want to tear my eyes out...but...the official realer forum has outstanding and helpful people there (again, unlike Pro Tools), and Reaper is pretty powerful, and it has many tutorials on YT as well as on the Groove3 site shared with you.

Good luck to you and above all, enjoy the process! (no "better half", so no personal bartender...I am envious...LOL)