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Yes i had 2.0 with my apollo twin duo and had to downgrade unfortunatly.

1. I wasnt able to open some projects. The console 2.0 taxes 3 % more of my dsp. I know ua claims that cpu usage is the same with the righz configuration. Anyhow i have 8% dsp usage with console 2.0 without opening any plugins and console 1.0 its 5%.

2. I dont like the design. Everything seems so small and its hard to see if a plugin is enabled or not

3. Hardwareinsertd in cubase didnt work anymore. I had to reroute line out 3/4 in the console which leads to an endless feedback-loop. After that i can use it but...

4. Cubase then was not able to calculate the roundtrip of the ad/da.

So downgrading was the best thubg i could do.
All I can say is this has not been my experience. I can offer an anecdotal opinion nonetheless. When I upgraded to Yosemite everything went to hell on my system. I had to dump every program and downgrade back to Maverick to get everything (PT 11 ) working. I now have PT 12 with the Apollo and it works great. No problems or issues. Console is certainly "big" enough and does what it is supposed to without any trouble and it is pretty straight forward and easy to deal with. Seems we have had remarkably different experiences.