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Hey Phil!

For me - The Amphions are my 'in a perfect world' speaker. They aren't necessarily the best at any ONE thing, but they are such a perfect balance of everything that they just 'work' for my ear. Mixes translate better than ever and I work faster and have far less fatigue.

The PMC's are definitely nice speakers, but the low end is too slow and soft for my taste (and feels disjointed to the mids/highs which are pretty fast/bright/clear). The Amphions on the other hand have an incredibly fast timing response and feel even from top to bottom. The PMC's might 'sound' more pleasing though as the low end is going to be more forgiving, but when a mix is right, it's a religious experience on the Amphions.

The Barefoots like RB said have much more sub information, but in my room the Two18's sound much more clear and defined in the low end than the Barefoots ever did. Might just be my room, but the Two18's WORK in here. The Barefoots are more muscular and have more power if that makes sense...Hard to describe. But the Amphions are more clear and have more detail/space in my room.

If you wanna come over sometime and check them out you're more than welcome. The best way I can describe them is like a blend between your PMC's (the high end), the tightness and punch of a Barefoot, the mid detail/forwardness/clarity/phase response of something like an NS10 (but without the harshness/ugliness), and the musicality of a ProAc (or PMC), and the speed/clarity of the Spiral Grooves (but not nearly as bright or fatiguing). They really take my favourite aspect of each speaker brand and kind of 'meld' them all into one...

They are not forgiving though (in a nice gentle way). They make you work very hard to get something to 'pop', but when it does it seems to translate everywhere from the Car, to a laptop an iPhone's quite an incredible experience the first time you finish a mix on them. My mix revisions have gone down to nearly zero since working on them...

(BTW - the first mix I ever did on them was "Jackpot" by Jocelyn Alice which you might have heard on the radio up here)
Hey Spencer,

I enjoyed the mix. You got it to a place where the only thing people can criticize is their opinion; not technical mistakes.

Did you produce this track? I get a Lorde/Ellie Goulding type vibe, and I love the editing; the presentation was great.

I'd love to check out your place, again. However, the last time I went there I ended up purchasing new monitors! I'll wait until I finish up my project before tempting myself with Amphions.

As of now, I have had Warren's PMC TwoTwo8 demo monitors for the last 4 months (while he has been updating the firmware on my TwoTwo6 speakers). The TwoTwo8 speakers have gobs of power, but I prefer my own in my space. He's been travelling, and wants the 8s worked in a little more.

If I were to explain the differences, the TwoTwo8 speakers definitely extend lower on the bass end, but in terms of energy, I feel like the TwoTwo6 speakers were better. I can't explain it very well on a forum. I guess they feel more correct, if that makes sense? Although, it's most likely due to my ****ty room. Speakers extending into the lower Hz range will certainly exacerbate problems in my environment - which is why my next purchase will be a pair of Sennheiser HD 800s and eventually an SPL Phonitor amp.

I know it's off topic, but how do headphone amps (such as the SPL Phonitor series) with cross-feed/talk compare with a theoretically perfect room? Do any of you guys use this witchcraft in conjunction with high-end monitors?

For the MODERATORS: if you feel this question is off topic, by all means delete it!

Thanks everyone,