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Indeed. 8 channels of conversion with 8 built in preamps was what I wanted and needed. 8P fit my needs perfectly. I'm willing to bet, as was Universal Audio, that I'm not the only person that has this specific need.
I wish it were that easy. I do have that specific need for 8 mic pres (portable set up), but to do so I have to give up 2 separate line outs (vs the 4 mic pre version) and from posts I've read on the UAD forums, it appears people are only getting 4 instances of the unison MKII 1073 before running out of DSP on the Quad Apollo.

I made this post yesterday in a different thread (no replies yet)>>

Originally Posted by Fleaman View Post
Anyone here using the 1073 MKII plug/unison on the new 8P Apollo quad? How many instances are you getting?

I've read of users getting only 4 instances on a Quad Apollo. Perhaps this is due to the sample rates they're running (UAD's instance chart is based on 44.1 sample rates), or they have the EQ's turned on (even if not using them), etc.

Looking for a slim portable set up (macbook pro + Apollo). I'm torn between the Apollo 8 and 8p. The 8 (4 mic pres) has 2 additional line outs vs the 8p. I have a good console, so it's a plus for those addition outs.

I do want/need 8 mic pres (so I don't have to lug my big/heavy separate pres to locations), but to me it seems the big selling point of the Apollo 8p is the unison thingy, but if the Quad 8p can't do 8 instances of unison 1073 MKII's, it seems like a short sell, especially since the 8p is $500 more and has 2 less line outs.