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I'm not really sure what your question or point is. 8P has a lot more preamps, that's what you are paying for. The regular 8 has fewer preamps, but extra other connections.

They had to make room for the preamps, so they took a few things off.

The Apollo 16 should also get mentioned. It loses SPDIF and ADAT altogether!

So in a way, the regular Apollo 8 seems like the best all around value to me, with a little bit of everything and room for expansion via digital connections.

This is nothing alarming. Most manufacturers have different interfaces with different features in the same line. Buy the one you need.
Indeed. 8 channels of conversion with 8 built in preamps was what I wanted and needed. 8P fit my needs perfectly. I'm willing to bet, as was Universal Audio, that I'm not the only person that has this specific need.