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The RME UCX does look like a great option at £840 but the Totalmix software looks really cluttered and confusing!? Also, the lack of two headphone amps will mean I'll need to get another headphone amp and I'm not aware of any half rack four channel headphone amps? Every half rack headphone amp I'm aware of only has a stereo input and not four separate inputs? Also, the RME UCX has it's power switch on the rear of the interface!! Also, I would need to use one of the mic pres for plugging in one of my dynamic mics for talkback which would mean I couldn't stereo mic instruments!
Then, UCX and pair with Presonus HP60. HP60 has talk back mic input.
For the power on, just use surge strip to on and off.

I use RME HDSP 9652 and several ADAT units to do headphone mixing via Total Mix. It is much more powerful than any other DSP mixer for interfaces. Once you learn Total Mix, then you'll find routing is so much flexible.