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Old 17th June 2015
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I was at listening session at friend's studio, where I had chance to hear both horizontal and vertical version of S3X besides other speakers. To me horizontal version was clearly better in terms of midrange details and overall more balanced sound. Both S3X sounded very nice to me, maybe to extent, I was curious, if it isn't flattering material and what it would do with real-world translation, especially with its transient presentation. But take it with a pinch of salt, monitors are always very subjective subject and to really evaluate it, it will be necessary to have it at own room for several days at least.. That is also, what I would probably recommend anyway at this price category, if it is possible to settle about it with your dealer of Adam speakers.
To its suitability as mastering monitor, I would say - why not. I know some folks, who use these monitors also for mastering duties with quite good results. But to me it is more matter of engineer's taste, personal preference and familiarity with particular speakers. At its price category it seemed to me like quite respectable pair of speakers.