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I have a question about compressing. Why does is sometimes outputs more volume? i mean, isn't the the compressor's job to lover the volume of the signal? i know that The threshold will be the "ceiling" that will determine the compressor when to lower the volume, and the ratio will determine how much to lower it. for example in a vocal, i thought that the compressors job was to lower the highest peaks, but is it actually to average the difference between the lowest signal and the highest?

is this true?: the compressors outputs more volume because it sometimes doesn't lower the highest peaks, but rather, make the lowest peaks be more hearable.
The above numbers example is more a representation of brickwall peak limiting as opposed to compression. Comp would still allow the 5's to go up in volume, but at a shallower slope, ratio-determined in comparison to the input signal.

Actually, the compressor does nothing below the threshold level. At this level and above, the compressor kicks in to action. This is retrieved from "Sound on Sound"

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