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Thanks RoundBadge,

Which speaker are you using most for mixing duties? Or are you constantly flipping back and forth between monitors?

Are you testing the Two18 and One18 models? Or do you feel that you need both?

As of now, I'm using the PMC TwoTwo6 monitors, and I'm getting along with them nicely. They're a 'bright' speaker, and I have a blast tracking and messing with them. Please note, I'm not a pro like most in the thread - therefore, I'm interested in a speaker that's great for enjoyment/mixing/tracking.

However, like most GearSlutz, curiosity can get the better of me. Although, I really don't want to be mucking with my setup until I'm finished my next project.


flipping btw the BF's, One18's,ghetto blaster then car.
the BF's have all the low and sub info you'll ever need.
the Amphions took place of NS10's.
preferred the one's over the twos in my space[too much low mid buildup]