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New audio interface?


I'm looking to buy an new audio interface as an upgrade to my old interface. At the moment I'm using a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24DSP and an Audient Mico dual channel preamp. On the whole this setup sounds and worrks great but ideally I'd like to have both the interface and preamps in one box. So, I'd like an interface with preamps on a par with the Mico but with better converters and headphone amps than the Saffire interface. Here is the spec I would like :-

1/ 2x Mic Pres on a par with the Audient Mico
2/ 2x separate headphone amps with individually customizable headphone mixes
3/ Dual studio monitor outputs with a/b switching
4/ 2x di inputs
5/ Rack-mountable
6/ Comfort reverb (not essential)
7/ Midi I/O (not essential)

Is there an interface under £1000 that would offer this level of performance with these features?