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What is the "guitar" allusion? I would think that most people who play guitar, DON'T have a parent who "teaches" it to them.

I'd say a person is better off without a parent pushing them. So in that regard, I can't relate to what u are saying.
Also, who is this song directed towards?

I just wonder if instead of saying "you", you could change it so that it's not directed at someone specific.

Maybe focus on one aspect, and expand upon that. As it is, you are switching between so many different subjects: prom, football, guitar, beer, girls, driving.

I'm not telling u what to do, but simply what I would do. Tell us about that first beer, and then the second beer, and so on. Because if beer is worth mentioning, then it's worth expanding upon.

What does " I threw my cap high up in the air." mean?
Thanks for your input!

Maybe you're right about the guitar thing. However, I believe that we pick up stuff that our parents do, so if a parent is very musical it's likely to rub off on the kids but maybe not in a "sit down and have lessons"-kinda way :P

The song is directed towards my father. I wanted to say something about that we both missed out on a lot of stuff fathers and sons should do together, stuff that could've formed a great relationship. But even though we missed out.. I grew up to be a great guy anyway. No resentment

I understand what you're saying about focusing on one aspect but what I want to say is that we didn't get to do any of that stuff. We didn't have a first beer together or a second beer. Maybe I should push more on THAT we missed out on a lot of stuff instead of WHAT we missed?

The phrase "I threw my cap high up in the air" refers to high school graduation and the throwing of hats

Thanks again!