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Kinda the opposite here. In this case he took a very clear piano and made it sound overly rich and mid scooped. I can imagine the need for either. He obviously had his reasons, but I usually am trying to get the job done while still staying within an arguably natural range, but that's just me. It's certainly interesting to watch in any case.
in general if you need to eq that drastically then you tracked/miced it wrong, or the instrument is not the right one.... You can't make a 22 inch kick sound like a 26 with eq, you can't make an upright sound like grand piano with eq.

I'm not sure what he was trying to accomplish with that much eq, but at that point just re-record it or sample it. If you have to use more than 2-4 db boost or cut there are obvious issues with your micing technique or recording technique. I realize in the demo world drastic eq is quite common to fix poorly recorded home studio or garage tracks, but a GML 8200 is generally found in rooms were people know how to track. Or one would think. The general rule of thumb in recording is to make things sound natural. That end result sound not only unnatural but rather unpleasing to the ear.