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As there is no good solution in cubase for sidechaining, I'm riding volume of the background with automation, once it gets under your skin how the things work, it is very easy and fast almost without listening to draw the automation ;-).

I also hate that 45s into 30s where there is no single moment without "Blablablablablablabblablb BLAH blablablablab labblablbalbalablablablablabla blabbla blbalbal ablablablabla blablabbla blbalbalablablablabla BLAHBLABLA BLAH!!".

With just enough time for making intro, intermezzo and outro, it gets much much better in the impact.

And everything depends also on the quality and structure of the background music, because some pieces let you do really killer stuff in terms of sound and impact and some are plain sh*t that only muddies "your" voiceover and takes your work down.