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Hi, Burns - yep, I agree with you 100% about EQ. And I agree 80% with you about compression. My issue is that the peaks on those percussive vocal attacks are stealing about half of my headroom - so I want to tamp those peaks down, before I get to the DAW.

Back when I ran tape, it wasn't such a bother... but now, "0 = BAD". You know the drill...
Fair enough. Yes, if you're running tape, those peaks might not be such a big deal. Back in the day, they likely would have been "riding" Belafonte's vocal as he sang, so when the loud bits came in, they would decrease the preamp gain on the console using the fader. Aurora Audio makes a preamp that has a built-in fader for this purpose...very cool. The simpler your recording chain, the purer the signal. However, if you have no one to "ride" your vocal, you might try a simple tube compressor a la TubeTech, Summit Audio, or Universal Audio.