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I have heard both BAE 1073s and the GTQ2 side by side, and to our group, we preferred the Aurora. We were doing a drum session with 8 ch. of BAE 1073s and the GTQ2. After hearing them side by side, we decided to use the Aurora on kick and snare, and the BAEs on the rest of the kit. We also used a Tab Funkenwerk V72s for the room mics.

Not to say the BAEs sounded bad. Actually, they sounded damn good. You couldn't go wrong with them at all. But, for us we chose the Aurora as the better pre for the situation.

FYI, they were the original BAEs before the new crop, so who knows if there is any difference. I work in a studio now that we track vocals a pair of BAE 1073 from the current crop and they do sound great, too.

Bottom line, all are great and you really couldn't go wrong with either of the choices. It's really personal taste. For my money though, I prefer the GTQ. You can't beat the bang for the buck factor, and the sound is sublime.

But, YMMV...