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I wouldn't recommend side chain/ducking because that in effect doesn't really give you what you need. When the voice is loudest the music trailer will be at its lowest and at the voices lowest the trailer will be at its loudest. You want the opposite for clariity. I recommend riding the fader of the trailer underneath for best results
You´re absolutely right about this, but there are a couple of ways to make it work.

I used to do it this way:

When the VO is edited, make a copy of it to another track.
Assign the copied track to a bus called "ducker" or some other brilliant name.
Put a brickwall limiter such as L1 on the copied track and set it up to completely slam the track flat.
Use this copied track to sidechain your comp.

Nowadays I do it this way:

Same setup with a separate track fore sidechain signal.
On that track I have put a sinewave audio file, no limiter.
A few simple edits/fades on the sinewave gives me quick control of the background.