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Since you are comparing the 1272 and GTQ2, I'll assume you are looking for the "1073" sound. Speaking just preamp section -- from my experience, and most user reviews I've read, the overall consensus is that the GTQ2 delivers basically "that" sound, with a bit more top sheen (air). The 1272 sounds exactly same as the 1073, up until 50db. That said, both of these are excellent units in the same sonic family.

Questions to ask yourself in deciding which of the 2 units is better suited for you:

1) do you want the sound of an original 1073 or prefer the extra, natural top sheen?

2) do you want the EQ section?

3) do you care about resale value?

4) do you care about "vintage" factor?

Once you weigh out the answers, your final decision should be fairly simple