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Aurora Audio rules!!!!

I just wanted to thank aurora audio publicly for their great products and service. they personally delivered my GTM-822 on wednesday instead of subjecting it to the woes and whims of the shipping gods.

this meant i got to meet the crew including Geoff Tanner who's stories i could have listened to all day... and they didn't even laugh at my crappy TRS patchbay! they helped me sort out and trouble shoot a few things in the process of hooking up the GTM-822 which is an incredible sounding mixer which, according to a friend of mine, is over engineered and overbuilt like a mixer should be.

thanks to geoff and alan and everyone at aurora for taking time out of their busy days to come up to PDX and make sure everything was as it should be with my new mixer. i have many happy sessions ahead of me now. what an upgrade!

cheers to you guys. if more people went the extra mile the world would be a better place.

thanks a ton

and here's a link to the aurora site w/a pic